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The Medicare Annual Election Period is upon us (10/15 to 12/7) and Northern Nevada has been blessed with some awesome Medicare Advantage plans that offer exciting extras such as $0 premiums, thousands of dollars in dental, rebates on Part B for veterans and more.
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When you need health insurance in Nevada that is affordable and accessible, you can trust Aware Benefits. Whether you need insurance coverage for yourself or your entire family, our company is devoted to finding the insurance option that best fits your life.

Original Medicare Part A
Hospital & Part B Medical

Medicare Advantage (Part C)
Combines Part A, B & Usually Part D

Medicare pays first, you add:
Medicare Supplement and Part D Rx plans.


Part D Not Included

Assign Your Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Most plans include Part D Rx

12 modernized plans A, B, D, G, HDG, K, L, M, N."C, F, HDF" (Pre 2020 MC) Choose from Part D Rx plans


Medicare Advantage MSA and Part D Rx

Health Maintenance Organization HMO

Preferred Provider Organization PPO

Any Medicare provider
(Anywhere in the USA)


Network providers only Some require primary Dr(ER Exception)

Network & Non Network providers

$198 to $400 (Most popular plans)
(after Medicare pays)


Full cost up to deductible
1st $3240 Pre-funded

Fees for services as you use them.
HMO: $2900 - $5900
PPO $5500 - $6700

Premiums based upon plan and age
Start as low as $55 per month


As low as $0
Depending on County and Plan

About 3% per year for age,
0% and up for "class" claim losses


No, Deductible increases

Depending on government funding

Yes, premiums may change SEP for Part D Rx


Repay pre-funded acct, Pro-rated

No, join a plan in the new service area, or purchase a MedSupp Rx Plan.

Benefits never change


Plans may change from year to year for Jan. 1

Supplement : Anytime , with exceptions
Part D Rx: During AEP or w/SEP


Dental - Vision - Gym Transportation
OTC - Meals - Hearing Aids - Accupunture
Include with some plans


Plans have letter designations, so every plan with every insurance company is the same. All plans pay some, or all of Medicare’s part B 20% cost share. Plan F, the most popular plan pays 100% of the balance owed after Medicare pays.

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug

MAPD Medicare Advantage Plans, often referred to as MAPD (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug), are a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private insurance company that has a contract with Medicare (the government) to provide all your Part A and Part B benefits.

Many Medicare Advantage Plans also offer prescription drug coverage as a part of the plan, otherwise it’s just an MA. These plans often have better access to drugs or lower copays.

When you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, most Medicare services are covered through the plan, so your Medicare services aren’t paid for by Original Medicare but rather through the plan.

Medicare Advantage plans also offer many extra benefits such gym memberships or free dental. Often an MAPD has no premium above your Medicare Part B premium. These are great plans for people who are looking to save money on monthly premiums and get higher quality care.

The Annual Election Period for choosing one of these great plans ends on 12/6. If you would like to learn more about MAPD’s please call Aaron Ware at 775-881-8796.