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supplemental insurance paper with stethoscope and money

Supplemental Insurance for Nevada Residents

Supplemental insurance products are a great way to help fill in the gaps that your medical policy does not pay. For example, if you have a $5000 deductible and are worried about how you might pay that one great way to protect yourself is an Out of Pocket Protection plan.

We have available some great plans to fit your specific concerns.

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Out of Pocket Protection ~ helps you cover the deductible when you are hospitalized.

Cancer First Occurrence ~ Pays a lump sum of money when diagnosed with internal cancer.

Cancer and Dread Disease ~ help you and your family offset ongoing costs for some of the most expensive medical events imaginable.

PAID - Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery ~ An accident plan that pays the insured directly in the event of an accident.

Out of Pocket Protection

Many individuals have selected higher deductibles, fewer copays and more out-of-pocket costs to reduce their health insurance premium. While this may help the monthly budget, when an event does happen, and you suddenly need to pay a large deductible, it can be devastating financially. 

The Out of Pocket Protection plan is VERY affordable. The example below is a quote for a 49-year-old male. Upon admission to a hospital, he would receive $5000, and $100 per day for every day he is in the hospital. Additionally, if outpatient surgery is required, he will receive $1000, and finally a $250 benefit for accidents.

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DescriptionBenefit AmountMonthly Premium
Daily Inpatient Hospital Confinement Benefit with Doctor Office Visit$100$10.16
First Hospital Admission$5,000$18.33
Include Outpatient Surgery Benefit$1,000$14.33
Include Emergency Accident Benefit$2.33
Total Premium$45.15
elderly couple holding hands

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PAID - Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery CUL

If we could avoid accidents, they wouldn’t be called accidents. That’s why an accident plan is essential. While medical insurance can cover much of the hospital bill, The PAID plan pays you a fixed amount directly when you have an accident that requires medical attention. This is a great way to help with some of those out of pocket costs like the deductible.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. You can purchase accident protection right away for as low as $15.50 a month, and what’s better, it costs you nothing to schedule a consultation. 

Note: If you choose to add a disability rider to your plan you will be required to enter employer information.

Cancer First Occurrence

The National Cancer Institute ( says that nearly four in every 10 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. Some of the most common types of cancer include breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma (skin cancer). 

Mortality rates for every type of cancer are higher than other conditions but luckily, advancements in medical technology have made the fight against cancer more effective than ever before. In 2016, there were 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and experts predict that survival rates will increase to 20.3 million by 2026.

A First Occurrence Cancer plan is a great way to protect you from the high initial out of pockets costs not covered by your medical plan. The plan pays you one lump sum when you’re diagnosed with internal cancer. And, because the money is paid directly to you it can be used for travel, at-home care, income loss, and more.

For a 49-year-old man in Nevada the rates are:

Plans (Benefit Amount):

Monthly Premium:














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Dental Plans

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These companies offer some of the least expensive dental insurance plans in Nevada.

Their Maximum Annual Benefits start at $300 and go up to $3,000 with limited coverage for adult orthodontics.

Ameritas Nevada Dental Insurance Quote

Dental Quotes from Delta, Nationwide, Ameritas and Standard life

Are you looking for a great value in your dental coverage? Ameritas may be the right choice. Insurance coverage on these competitively priced plans starts on Day 1.

The maximum annual benefit starts at $1,000 and goes up to $2,000.

Ameritas has a vast network of dentists in Nevada. Ameritas also includes NO WAITING PERIOD for major services. The percentage of covered cost grows each year you own the policy, so the longer you are enrolled in a dental policy, the lower your cost-sharing will be. This means that the plan will pay out more services in the second and third years than in the first year.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental Insurance is now offering a NO Waiting Period plan with 10% coverage on major services for the first and gradually higher coverage the longer you keep the plan.