supplemental insurance paper with stethoscope and money

Out of Pocket Protection

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supplemental insurance paper with stethoscope and money

Many individuals have selected higher deductibles, fewer copays and more out-of-pocket costs to reduce their health insurance premium. While this may help the monthly budget, when an event does happen, and you suddenly need to pay a large deductible, it can be devastating financially. 

The Out of Pocket Protection plan is VERY affordable. The example below is a quote for a 49-year-old male. Upon admission to a hospital, he would receive $5000, and $100 per day for every day he is in the hospital. Additionally, if outpatient surgery is required, he will receive $1000, and finally a $250 benefit for accidents.

elderly couple holding hands
DescriptionBenefit AmountMonthly Premium
Daily Inpatient Hospital Confinement Benefit with Doctor Office Visit$100$10.16
First Hospital Admission$5,000$18.33
Include Outpatient Surgery Benefit$1,000$14.33
Include Emergency Accident Benefit$2.33
Total Premium$45.15
elderly couple holding hands

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