Original Medicare
Part A Hospital & Part B Medical

Medicare pays first, you add: Medicare Supplement and Part D Rx okans.

Medicare Advantage
(Part C) Combines Part A, B & Usually Part D

Same ============>
Part D Not Include

Assign Your Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Most plans include Part D Rx

What plans are available?
12 modernized plans A, B, D, G, HDG, K, L, M, N."C, F, HDF" (Pre 2020 MC) Choose from Part D Rx plans
Medicare Advantage MSA and Part D Rx
Health Maintenance Organization HMO
Preferred Provider Organization PPO
Do I have a choice of medical providers?
Any Medicare provider (Anywhere in the USA)
< ==================
Network providers only Some require primary Dr(ER Exception)
Network & Non Network providers
How much will i pay for medical care?
$198 to $400 (Most popular plans) (after Medicare pays)
Full cost up to deductible $7400-$8400-$9400 1st $3240 Pre-funded
Fees for services as you use them.
HMO: $2900 - $5900
PPO $5500 - $6700
How much will it cost me?
Premiums based upon plan and age Start as low as $55 per month
As low as $0
Depending on County and Plan
Will premiums go up?
About 3% per year for age, 0% and up for "class" claim losses
No, Deductible increases
Depending on government funding
If i move, can i stay on the plan?
Yes, premiums may change SEP for Part D Rx
= = = = = = = = = = =>
Repay pre-funded acct, Pro-rated
No, join a plan in the new service area, or purchase a MedSupp Rx Plan.
Will the plan change?
Benefits never change
= = = = = = = = = = = = =>
Plans may change from year to year for Jan. 1
Can i change plans?
Supplement : Anytime , with exceptions Part D Rx: During AEP or w/SEP
= = = = = = = = = = = >
Yes During AEP (Oct. 15th To Dec. 7th ) or with an SEP (unless ESRD)
Supplement: Anytime, with exceptions Part D Rx: During AEP or w/SEP
Dental - Vision - Gym Transportation
OTC - Meals - Hearing Aids - Accupunture
Include with some plans